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What Our Patients Are Saying


"I have a complicated medical history and been going to W. Caldwell a lot this year. I get scared, the staff, all of the staff show great compassion and I am at ease. All are friendly, gentle and in no time test is done. The office is clean and accommodate while waiting. But in the end it's all about the GREAT STAFF. Thank you ALL."

Patricia, West Caldwell

"I know that by coming here i am treated  with respect and dignity and the staff are wonderful."

Sally, Nutley

"I was able to get my script from my doctor in the morning and Montclair Radiology was able to schedule my appointment for the same afternoon, mammography and bone density as well. Didn't have a long wait at all, staff is very friendly and it is a very comfortable, clean location. Plus I already got results in the mail. A friend of mine has recently developed breast cancer so it was very important to me to have the testing done, I do go every year and prefer Montclair Radiology over any other similar agencies."

Laurie, Montclair

Great experience - Will definitely come back.

Tony, Montclair

"I was very nervous about getting a MRI. When I arrived I filled out some paperwork and then was immediately greeted by a very calming tech. I was glad I didn't have time to worry in the waiting room. The tech reassured me that she would be right there if I felt like I had to come out of the machine. She explained exactly how long it would take and gave me updates during the test. The open MRI is really not bad if you are claustrophobic."

Wayne, Montclair

"I came to Montclair Radiology for an MRI on my right knee, which I had injured playing basketball six weeks earlier. Because of a busy travel schedule, I had a need for an almost immediate turnaround of the results to my orthopedic surgeon. The people at Montclair Radiology listened to me describe my particular need - and they delivered the results to my surgeon within 24 hours. Consequently, I was able to meet with my surgeon the day after my MRI.

Everyone at Montclair Radiology, where I have gone for various radiology needs over the years, has been courteous, kind, and professional. They get an A+ in my book!"

Robert, Montclair

"I always have a great experience coming to Montclair Radiology. The staff is always congenial. Kindness towards people during their various conditions and circumstances, goes along way. It’s comforting to be among professionals who are caring for patients."

Tami, Montclair

"I have been going to the Nutley location for many years for various tests and each and every time I have been there the staff is so very pleasant and caring. From the minute I walk in and am greeted by the receptionist to the technician performing the test I feel at ease and genuinely cared for!"

Jasna, Nutley

"I have always been uncomfortable with MRI and always fail to complete them. The young lady at your facility was the first person that ever help me be confident enough to get through this procedure without  quitting before it was complete. Because of her I think I can move forward pass my fear.. and I'm grateful to God and her for this... THANKS!"

Porshia, Montclair

"I have been using Montclair Radiology for about 10 years for routine and non-routing procedures. The most devastating time was when I was 6 months pregnant and needed an MRI because my legs went numb.  Every time I ever went to Montclair Radiology, the staff was pleasant and accommodating. I moved less than an hour out of the Nutley area last year, but I still choose Montclair Radiology for my Xray, MRI and mammogram needs. Thank you!"

Barbara, Nutley

"Montclair Radiology provided an appointment at 7am the following day of me calling which was very accommodating to my every day schedule. The receptionist and technician were great! Overall it was a great experience and I plan on using them for my next appointment."

Loumary, West Caldwell

"I met the finest staff at Montclair Radiology when I was there for X-Rays Saturday August 19 at 8:30am. Very pleasant staff. It was a quick in and out."

Dr. O Satty, Montclair

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